Mission Statement

We, members of Doctors for Life Philippines (DFLph), have come together to commit ourselves to defend and promote the sanctity of human life from natural conception to natural death.

DFLph is a non-profit public service organization, composed of professionals holding a doctoral degree that include but not limited to, doctors of medicine, doctors of jurisprudence, doctors of philosophy and doctors of theology.

Etymologically, the word "doctor" in Latin means "teacher" and is derived from "docere," meaning "to teach." Thus, DFLph's primary purpose is to teach through factual information about human embryonic development, abortion, fetal vaccines and its moral alternatives, birth control pills, euthanasia and related issues, upon which the general public may make informed decisions.

We are bound together by a common commitment to protect human life by collaborating with existing pro-life resources and organizations that foster the sanctity of human life, the culture of life and respect towards those who hold different beliefs.

Our cause is to support pregnancies from fertilization to their natural conclusion, natural family planning, adult stem cell or non-destructive embryonic research, natural death, chastity, marriage between one man and one woman and freedom of religious conscience.

We declare ourselves against contraception, sterilization, abortion, human embryo-destructive research, human cloning, euthanasia, assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, sex outside marriage, divorce and other offenses that contradict life and the family.

That all human beings regardless of their size, age or dependency deserve full protection of the law, we promote and protect the human rights of the unborn, the defenseless, the aged, the disadvantaged and all human life.
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