Angelita Miguel-Aguirre, MD

Ligaya A. Acosta, PhD

Josefa Romano-Cruel, MD

Orestes P. Monzon, MD

Joselito S. Sandejas, PhD

Ma. Concepcion S. Noche, LLB
Legal Adviser

Rene Josef C. Bullecer, MD

Executive Director

Pledge of Commitment

WE THANK OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for the gift of life – for our own, and for all mankind.

WE BELIEVE that God, the Author of Life, created man in His Image and Likeness. As such, we regard every human life as sacred, sovereign and created in accordance to God's divine plan.  Thus, any interference, threat or willful destruction of human life is contrary to God's law and against all moral standards.
In the light of this fundamental truth, WE, members of Doctors for Life Philippines (DFLph), do hereby declare our PLEDGE to:

  • TEACH the truth about the person, the true anthropology of the innate dignity and rights of all human beings;
  • SUPPORT pregnancies from fertilization to their natural conclusion, natural family planning, adult stem cell or non-destructive embryonic research, natural death, chastity, marriage between one man and one woman and freedom of religious conscience;
  • DENOUNCE contraception, sterilization, abortion, human embryo-destructive research, human cloning, euthanasia, assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, sex outside marriage, divorce and other offenses that contradict life and the family;
  • PROTECT the human rights of the unborn, the defenseless, the aged, the disadvantaged and all human life, regardless of their size, age or dependency;
  • COLLABORATE with existing pro-life resources and organizations that foster the sanctity of human life and the culture of life; and
  • RESPECT those who hold different beliefs.

WE BELIEVE that the Victory of life has already been won through the Cross and Resurrection of Christ, and that by proclaiming, celebrating, and serving the gift of life, Christ will transform the culture of death into the Kingdom of Life. With great fervor and perseverance, WE, members of DFLph offer up our commitment to Life unto Almighty God, the Lord, Lover and Giver of all Life. 

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